This project is designed to find out if reducing glutamate will restore normal brain function and prevent or treat behavioral problems in breast cancer patients. The study involves a comprehensive 8-week, single-site, double-blind clinical trial of riluzole, an FDA-approved drug that stimulates the reuptake and blocks the release of glutamate. We will conduct brain scanning with brain imaging (magnetic resonance spectroscopy) before, during and after the 8-week trial to select subjects who are most likely to respond to riluzole and to monitor the drug’s efficacy. We will also perform assessments of anxiety, irritability, depression, fatigue, sleep difficulties, and problems with memory and concentration throughout the 8-week trial. Finally, we will obtain protein and genetic markers in peripheral blood to determine predictors of increased glutamate in the brain and the response to riluzole. For more information on this study please click here. This study is no longer recruiting.