Program Leadership

Andrew H. Miller, MD: Director

Ebrahim Haroon, MD: Associate Director

Jennifer C. Felger, PhD: Laboratory Director

Bobbi J. Woolwine, MSW: Director of Research Projects


Mylin Torres, MD: Director, Glenn Breast Center

Michael Treadway, PhD: Program Director, Residency Research Tract

Canhua Xiao, PhD

David R. Goldsmith, MD

Xiangchuan Chen, PhD

Students and Residents

Neeti Mehta, Graduate Student

Ryan Slauer, Discovery Student

Mandakh Bekhbat, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Fellow


Evanthia Wommack, Lab Manager

Sophia Zhang, Research Specialist

Agnes Kim, Research Coordinator

Jessica Vaughn, Research Coordinator

Diana Beltran, Research Coordinator

Clara Perez, Research Coordinator

Kristin Smith, MSW

Kelly Sklare, NP